New York
Charter School Incubator

The Charter School Incubator supports community based planning teams and others working to create better educational options for underserved students.

Start a School.

We guide community based planning teams and charter school developers through the stages of charter school design, helping them define their needs and get the right team, as well as research and refine the right model for their students. 

Change Lives. Transform Communities.

If you are a charter school developer, founder, or planning team member:

We have RESOURCES to design a NYS charter.

And a series of TRAININGS & EVENTS

We focus on team capacity building and provide premier technical assistance and individual coaching to develop and implement your school model.  We have specialists in School Planning, Governance, Curriculum and Instruction, Special Education, Charter school Law, Assessment and Charter School Finance and Operations at the disposal of our incubator teams.  So if you have wondered how to start a charter school, we may be able to help.

  SUCCESS... 18 Incubator teams have been
                                                      APPROVED with some of New York's most
                                                                                                          INNOVATIVE and high potential school models.

OUR SCHOOLS... We're proud of the committed teams that designed and implemented creative charter schools in the Incubator process.

LEARN MORE... about the comprehensive services and support available to charter school founders through the New School Incubator program.

READ PROFILES... of the experts the New York Charter School Incubator has identified as service providers available to charter school planning teams.

The NY Charter School Incubator builds the capacity of charter school founding groups through coaching, training, peer support, and networking in order to cooperatively develop high quality and sustainable charter schools focused on continual improvement and targeted at students and communities that have traditionally been underserved. 
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