New York
Charter School Incubator

New School Incubator Services

Charter Application Stage

Individualized Application Development

Workplan, Resource Referral and Acquisition

Professional development sessions and application support on areas, including:
  • School Structure/Design (enrollment, calendar, and schedule)
  • Educational Philosophy/Instructional Approach
  • Student Achievement Goals
  • Curriculum/Learning Standards
  • Assessment Program
  • Target (student) Population
  • Services for At-risk Students (including special education students, English Language Learners, and students with 504 plans)
  • School Organization and Staffing
  • Professional Development
  • Governance and Oversight
  • Legal Policies
  • Fiscal Policies and Procedures
  • Budget
  • Facilities/Transportation
  • Community Support
  • Appendices including Curriculum Crosswalks

Coaching and participation in planning team meetings (on request)

Application Templates

Professional development and resource for governance, business and operations, academic program, assessment program, curriculum, leadership, and compliance.

Appendices Templates

Application Pre-submission Review

Assistance with Authorizer Clarifications and Requests for Amendments

Board Member Identification, Screening, and Training                    

2-3 Mock Authorizer Interviews

Facilitated visits to high performing schools and meetings with school leaders

Mentoring for board members

Targeted expert support and coaching in key areas
First Operational Year

Grant Writing Support:
  • Templates, strategic advice and/or contractor matching for the following grants: Public Charter Schools Program, Walton Family Foundations, State Stimulus Fund, New York City Center for Charter School Excellence Startup

Workplan design for opening with ongoing coaching and support                              

Business and Operation Set-up support with regular check ins and coaching

Support with Title I, E rate, and other key funding sources

Data integrity audits prior to authorizer verification

Mandated reporting support

Hiring Strategy and Plan:

  • Assistance identifying a pool of applicants;
  • candidate screening;
  • interview guidance and protocol; and
  • participation/feedback on selection of key staff

 Ongoing development of curriculum documents support and coaching

  • scope and sequence,
  • pacing guides,
  • lesson plan templates

 Workshops and coaching in development and implementation of assessment programs

 Student recruitment and admissions assistance:

  • templates;
  • plans; and
  • sample documents

 Governance Training and Support:

  • Comprehensive orientation to trustees on roles and responsibilities
  • Assistance with identification and recruitment of trustees with needed skill sets
  • Development of individual school information and accountability system with key interim and outcome measures of academic, financial and organizational success
  • Training of staff and board on collecting and reporting financial, organizational, and academic data
  • Training on key charter-specific responsibilities, Open Meetings, FOIL, dispute resolution, student discipline
  • Assistance in developing roster of required policies and procedures
  • Individualized coaching around specific topics including effective meetings, transition from planning team to governing board, choosing and evaluating top staff, governance versus management
  • Annual governance audit in key areas
  • Facilitation of board self-assessment and creation and implementation of development plan
  • Specific support to committees and officers including coaching for board chairs, treasurers, and for specific committees

 Pre-opening and annual compliance reviews

Structured observations, feedback, and coaching for education program, operations, and governance

Facilitated visits to high performing schools and meetings with effective school leaders

Facilitated site visits resulting in formative feedback

Assistance and coaching in preparation for public hearings

Ongoing coaching and support in governance, education program, operations, and compliance

Second Operational Year

Continuation of the support began in prior year with emphasis on coaching school staff to drive continuous improvement in key areas

Support in preparation for Authorizer visits

Coaching for self-evaluation and continuous improvement in academic program

Continuing coaching and support in curriculum build-out and refinement

Continuing coaching and support in assessment program build-out and refinement

Assistance with creation of long term development plan

Coaching on instructional program oversight and evaluation

Continuous coaching on business and operations build-out and compliance

Operational systems audit for compliance and effective practices

The NY Charter School Incubator builds the capacity of charter school founding groups through coaching, training, peer support, and networking in order to cooperatively develop high quality and sustainable charter schools focused on continual improvement and targeted at students and communities that have traditionally been underserved. 
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