New York
Charter School Incubator

New School Incubator

Level 1: Incubator

Trainings and work sessions, do intensive individual work, assist in recruitment and placement of key planning team members and staff, talk through design elements, show models of effective practice, review multiple drafts, conduct multiple mock interviews, and support with clarifications.
Level 2: Support Package

Access to all trainings and training materials with 35 hours of individual support in the areas requested by the school, this will typically take a school through one application cycle.
Level 3: Individual Training

Individual access to workshops and materials.

Hourly consulting.

Level 4: Retainer Services

Provides half price access to workshops and up 6 hours per month in consulting services.  Retainer allows us to be available to assist planning teams/schools as needed.


Charter Application Stage                First Operational Year              Second Operational Year


The NY Charter School Incubator builds the capacity of charter school founding groups through coaching, training, peer support, and networking in order to cooperatively develop high quality and sustainable charter schools focused on continual improvement and targeted at students and communities that have traditionally been underserved. 
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