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The Charter School Incubator works with creative, committed community based planning teams to develop and support some of New York's most needed and innovative charter school models.  Here are some of the schools we helped incubate.

John W. Lavelle Preparatory Charter School

The first charter school in NY that targets students with social and emotional challenges and serves them in an integrated and inclusive college preparatory environment.

Dr. Richard Izquierdo Health and Sciences Charter School

Developed in collaboration with the nationally recognized Urban Health Plan community clinics, the Izquierdo Health and Sciences Charter School provides a College and career program that serves the largely Latino population in the South Bronx, preparing them for a career in Health care or the college of their choice.

Inwood Academy for Leadership

The first charter school to give an admissions preference for English language learners, Inwood Academy provides a rigorous and supportive academic program that focuses on college preparation and leadership development in students.

Hyde Leadership East New York

Part of the network of Hyde Charter Schools, Hyde East New York has a deep and intensive commitment to involving parents in the life of the school and focuses on the family unit as the level to drive student achievement.

Heketi Charter School

Heketi, the Taino word for "unity" or "one", signifies the school's commitment to serving all students, and particularly English language learners, in an inclusive and rigorous academic environment.  The school grew from the community and founder's vision for a community based school that would embrace student home languages while leading to mastery of English.

NYC Montessori Charter School

The first Montessori based charter school in New York, the NYC Montessori Charter School was founded as a collaboration between longtime Montessori educators and the South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation.  The school will provide a progressive and inclusive education to the largely Latino population of the South Bronx.

Amani Charter School

Amani, meaning "peace" or "tranquility" in Swahili, is Mount Vernon's first charter school.  Based on successful school models, Amani will provide a rigorous middle school education to underserved students in Mount Vernon.

Fahari Academy

Fahari, meaning pride in Swahili, is a progressively progressive, college preparatory middle and high school, serving students in Flatbush Brooklyn in a rigorous and supportive environment.

Staten Island Community Charter School

A community based charter school created by parents, grandparents and community based organizations, Staten Island Community Charter School, provides a rigorous academic program that focuses on serving and integrating the diverse communities of Staten Island in an inclusive social development and arts-focused program.

Neighborhood Charter School of Harlem

High School for Law and Justice

Brooklyn Urban Gardening Charter School

New Ventures Charter School

Urban Dove Charter School

Rochester Career Mentoring Charter School

Global Community Charter School

The NY Charter School Incubator builds the capacity of charter school founding groups through coaching, training, peer support, and networking in order to cooperatively develop high quality and sustainable charter schools focused on continual improvement and targeted at students and communities that have traditionally been underserved. 
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